Monday, September 22, 2008

Coffee enema..the next episode

Coffee enema is a process whereby the colon is cleansed using a clean utensil with raw coffee being boiled for about 15 minutes before cooling it to a room temperature. However, the process precedes another procedure of going through a water enema so that the process of cleaning up the liver gets much easier. The coffee does not go into the bloodstream, but the caffeine from the coffee does. It goes into the blood capillaries following the natural flow of blood that goes round into the liver. Why 15 minutes? This will enable at least 6 rounds of cleansing to take place.

If you are wondering how the above process is carried out, I shall explain in a very simple way. A special bucket (that can hold about 1000ml of water/coffee) with a tube at the bottom is filled with distilled water. A teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar is put into the water which is filled at room temperature so that the colon can be cleansed faster. This tube has a lock at the end so that once the water has been filled it will not leak out. Lie down on your right side on the floor preferably near a toilet bowl and insert the end of the tube into your anus (making sure that a little bit of vitamin e cream is put to act as a lubricant at the end of the tube). Once all the water has gone into your colon, release all the faeces immediately. Similar process is repeated using coffee that has been prepared earlier except that you have to lie down for 15 minutes in order for the liver to be cleansed. Release after 15 minutes. If your body contains a lot of toxins, the retention process gets shorter but try to stay on for at least 5 minutes. In this case repeat the coffee enema after 10 minutes of rest. Do this every day and you will stay healthy. Make sure your bucket is cleased with organic hydrogen proxide to keep it clean.

Where can we get the coffee and other organic substances? You are welcome to contact me...

How to keep your colon healthy

Do you know that your colon is the culprit of all diseases that you might get as time goes by? We eat at least 3 meals daily. What happens when the undigested food is not taken out of the colon? It will rot and as will be turned to poison that will be absorbed into the bloodstream. This process continues until one day you realise that your cholesterol level becomes high without you knowing why...or suddenly you are down with high blood pressure or even worse when you suddenly gets heart attack!!!

How can we prevent diseases from attacking our system? If you have heard of coffee enema, then you are on the right track. Enemas can help to get rid of all the encrustations that are formed along the linings of your colon. They are built over time due to the undigested food that are not periodically taken out of the colon.

To be continued...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Keeping Positive

There are times when we feel down due to problems unsolved,monetary insufficiency or simply because we can't achieve what we've dreamed for. At this moment of despair, we have to be careful in getting carried away with the situation because it may worsen the situation.
Wake up and get up -do some self analysis, go back to our creator and ask for help! Most of the time meditation helps a lot especially when we know the right techniques. So cheer up !